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Wali Wruble in Taylor Michigan 313-629-7005

Wali and I dated since June 2013. The entire relationship he mislead me. We talked about living together, getting married, retirement fantasies and ideas. I attended his family functions, cooked for him and catered to his mental health issues. All I ever wanted was free. Wouldn’t cost a thing. Love, honesty, respect, loyalty and his time. He had an excuse every time he couldn’t see me or just would disappear for a day. We met on a dating site. He immediately wanted me to delete my profile immediately. For a year he pretended he couldn’t figure out how to delete his. Offered to help etc. Finally, after a year, he let me help him delete his profile. During that year he kept updating the pics on his profile. He said he did that when we would fight or he thought we might break up. OK, so the profile is gone now. 4 months later, my bff contacts me. Yes, Wali was on another dating site and contacted my friend. Of course we broke up. Our entire relationship was based on lies and other women. He had this charming way of keeping you holding on like something was gonna change. He always had a dating site in his back pocket. He had nude pics of other women on his phone that he by accident showed me twice. I had two of his exes contact me on fb. One even called me. He has called me another womans name, not even the name of the two girls who contacted me. I didn’t listen to the warnings. I didn’t want to see the red flags. I thought this man loved me enough that he was trying to change his ways. So we kind of stayed in touch off and on. Couple months later we meet up again. Thought we would give it another try. It didn’t take me long to realize he was picking up where we left off. To my surprise, this time I was the other woman. I ignored the warnings from the women in his past who contacted me. I suspected this woman would do the same but I had to try. She to is a victim of Wali’s creepy web of lies, cheating and disrespect for women. Her name is Julie O’Brien in Mount Morris, Michigan. I sent her a fb message hoping to open her eyes. With details of the time me and Wali spent together March 9th, 2015 through March 18th, 2015. Told her little bit about the red flags that I ignored in the past etc. I hope she gets out before she gets in to deep like I did. I went above and beyond for this man. He is emotionally unavailable and preys on women that he thinks he can manipulate. He also doesn’t use protection. Beware ladies, I am only posting this hoping that his current and future victims might see this and pass it forward if you know him. The sad thing is, he knew when I met him that I had just gotten out of a eally bad 15 year marriage. I was new to the dating site scene. I really just wanted to believe in love again. He totally took advantage that knowledge and used it as a tool to mess with my head. Now I can only hope this helps other women and that karma exist.


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  1. Lucy kiperman (Luz Meza)
    at 3:23 pm (2 years ago)

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