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Tony Brea, Florida

Tony Brea is a drug user, virus spreader (ask him about the sores he gets around his genitals, groin area & buttocks), liar, cheater, coward, who uses women and has NO regard for who he hurts or infects. He always blames others for ruining his life instead of accepting responsibility for his lies & actions. According to Tony he is also a former gang member but he keeps in touch with his leader. Tony has also solicited at least one of his former lovers asking her to obtain prescription drugs from her doctor so that he could sell them for profit. Tony has arrest records in Palm Beach County, Broward County, & Miami-Dade County. He has lived in Royal Palm Beach area, Carol City/ Miami area, Lake Worth area, and currently resides in the West Palm Beach / Loxahatchee area. Was last known to be employed by an aquatic vegetation control company in Riviera Beach (the company was advised of Tony’s drug use since he has driven their company trucks). The virus he spreads he got after getting with Brittany C Park (aka LilBritt) also of the West Palm Beach / Loxahatchee area. They both need to be tested drugs & diseases but Tony has stated he thinks that drug use & std’s are not to be taken seriously. This is to warn those who don’t know Tony Brea and/or those who don’t know all that he’s truly capable of. Be warned they also have or use friends / Facebook friends like Tara Udell (West Palm Beach area) to make threats against you for them. Please protect yourself at all costs from Tony Brea and Brittany Park and from Tara Udell.

12 comments on Tony Brea, Florida

  1. Pain
    at 8:12 pm (3 weeks ago)

    I forgot to include I was a stupid fool, but I loved Tony Brea and trusted him (to quote him”after all we’ve been through”)…I continue to pay the price for that love & trust.

  2. Pain
    at 7:00 am (3 weeks ago)

    While we were together all these months I asked him more than once if he had others , he looked me in the eyes and said NO. I trusted him I loved him! I couldnt have given him my body & pleasure him the we did if I didn’t love him! Im still dealing with the effects from that virus.. I cant wash it off of me and having him hurt me so deeply mentally & physically, I can barely eat or sleep, the tears never stop I think of dying every day since 12-2-2016..

  3. Pain
    at 12:24 pm (3 weeks ago)

    Pardon my Borderline Psychotic Emotional outbursts Tony (aka Tara, aka Ricky). I have severe reactions when people I care about lie to me, use me, and thereby endanger my health & well being! You knew I’m crazy (I always told you i was..many times) but that never stopped you from contacting me, getting with me, being with me…it never stopped you one bit. Did you think that it’s okay to lie & use a mentally ill person? Did you think because I’m crazy I don’t count as a human being..that I don’t matter?

  4. Pain
    at 10:00 pm (3 weeks ago)

    My being crazy never stopped you, not one bit. Guess that makes you crazy too!

  5. anonymous
    at 9:49 am (2 weeks ago)

    He’s a pathetic loser! Girl be glad u r rid of that dirty diseased d***!

  6. diesel
    at 9:38 am (1 week ago)

    Better to be crazy than stupid @Pain!!! And he’s as stupid as they come! Lol @ the Lilbritt & lilone..she lives nearby me, little she ain’t, she’s husky like a dude talks like one too!

  7. Management
    at 1:48 pm (2 days ago)

    If I was his boss I would definitely have a policy about drug use and about employee behavior when wearing work uniform, and I strictly enforce it.

  8. just saying
    at 4:17 pm (1 day ago)

    @Management the dude lies, cheats, has drug issues. I seriously doubt the company CEO knows but agreed they should have a policy about wearing their uniform in personal pictures because in this age of the internet once you put it online its forever & with Cloud its out of your hands.

  9. Disgusted
    at 6:01 pm (1 day ago)

    The CDC doesn’t do sh*t to stop the spread of diseases!!! If they did people wouldn’t need to report std’s on these sites!!! There are no cures for the viruses. HIV is still a deadly disease. Herpes has complications if it spreads into your spinal cord & brain; meningitis, encephalitis, if you spread the infection into your eye it can cause blindness!!! Condoms only work if they completely cover the sores or where the sores appear.

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