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Nathale valleramous, Nathalie Simpson, and Natalie Pfeifle

My ex-wife is an immigrant from the Philippines she married a man to come to US cost him $80,000 she was married to him for 2 to 3 years and then abandoned him. He filed for divorce due to Homeland security laws and in court she said that he was abusive since his divorce he is been remarried for quite a few years I’ve talked with his wife and she said he is the most caring man She is ever met. My ex accused her boys dad of being abusive her girls dad of cheating on her well come to find out after divorce from her last ex-husband she would’ve been facing deportation that is one stupid me coming to the picture and she got pregnant we get married so she didn’t get deported I paid for her to go to college to get a degree as soon as she was done with that she abandoned me accusing me of being abusive and threatening to kill her and her kids she is I think She is just crazy she watches his crime shows on TV and thinks that that’s going to happen to her I worked a full time job while going to school full-time to get my degree while she sat at home and just did her homework she didn’t even take care of my daughter her oldest boys did. My daughter came to me and goes dead you know what mom said “I never want to do you “that is what my daughter told me that her mother told her she’s gone by Nathale valleramous, Nathalie Simpson, and Natalie Pfeifle her real first name is Marie Natalie is her middle name she is now dating a new guy that the Poor schmuck does not realize what he’s getting himself into she is going to bleed them dry like she has everyone else. My niece was at Walmart while going to college in town here and happen to be behind my now ex-wife and overheard her talking on the phone saying I’m just using him my knees put two into together pretty quick knowing she was talking about me. I’m drafting a letter to send to the immigration office and I have a letter from her ex-husband to also send so she gets charge of the marriage fraud because she came in a marriage visa and has never fulfilled that visa


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