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Mike LANIGAN has been a serial cheater with every girlfriend since age 20 and a serial adulterer throughout his 27 year marriage . He is a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath that has harmed many women without remorse or conscience. He takes pride in ” hooking” and deceiving women with words od love that lack the emotion. Narcissusts do not feel emotions. They do not change. There is no treatment.
He literally has had “harems. ” he discards brutally then recycles if needed. He is nothing short of evil and psych test reports state he will continue to harm.
His ” hooking ” methods include quickly “love bombing”… ” you’re different than all the rest”. ” I xan see myself being happy with someone like you.” He then will confess done dark secret to show “honesty and trust.”
“I feel so horrible and remorseful.. I was unfaithful to my wife.” He implies ONE TIME… Not serial cheating an adultery. His victim is now hooked because he “cared ” enough to be honest with her.
He is considered a malignant predator. He will break your heart and splatter your guts everywhere.


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