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Mike c Watson

I met mike c Watson not to long ago. Knowing him for almost a yr . we had a great relationship. But I would of never thought he would treat me like crap. We was drinking one night having fun his cell kept going off all-night , he wouldn’t answer it at all so when he went to the bathroom he would take it with him now we are at his apt so there’s no need well I got tired of it and waited til he went to sleep. I looked into his phone after breaking the code saw pics of nude girls msg he sent to them how he misses them and next weekend he will see them because tonight he just wanted to chill alone but he wasn’t I was there. Calling these girls baby how he can’t wait to feel their body he single and all he has is friends . this hurt me because I just found out I was pregnant. So I called one of the females that lives in new Bern and told her that she needed to stop calling him because we are going to have a family. She’s well he’s not married to you or me so he’s gonna do what he gonna do. And I should go get myself checked because he slept with her with no condom and gave her chlymidia I was sick at the stomach nasty a** b****. I guess being I live in Newport I wouldn’t know or call these tricks.
But i confronted him he says she was lying he don’t have anything now be been having sex without protection. I wasnt sure so I went to the doctor and yes I had it too not all only did I get chlymidia he gave me HIV.. this nasty $+$-$3, i feel my life is ruined I end up losing our baby because of the stress from finding this out m he goes and lies to any female and sleeps with them with no condom passing diseases, to females. He’s walking around passing infectious diseases not telling females. So ladies if u see this man he’s cute hazel eyes light skinned wears glasses he’s a charmer but once he gets what he wants he will sleep with other having u think your the only one. Don’t believe him when he says he’s just wanna chill more likely he’s with someone or plans on going to see someone after being with you. So be careful no telling what else he has . I know he don’t have insurance too pay for his meds. After all this I have to get checked every 6 months
Lying , disease carrying a** bastard.


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  1. lila
    at 8:11 am (2 years ago)

    so sorry he passed infectious disease o you. Stay strong sister girl

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