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Matthew C. Couloute Jr.

Lives in Jacksonville, FL/NY/NJ with his new “wife” that he married in City Hall just days after breaking up with his girlfriend of 2+ years. Cheated on ALL of ex-girlfriends. Lied and cheated his entire way through his 40 years of life. Uses people/his son/women to get what he wants then dumps you when he’s done with them. Has no long term friends. He rents or finances everything and owns absolutely nothing.

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  1. Food for thought
    at 7:04 pm (1 year ago)


    noun: sicko; plural noun: sickos
    a mentally ill or perverted person, especially one who is sadistic.

  2. Food for thought
    at 9:25 pm (1 year ago)


    adjectiveNORTH AMERICANinformal
    adjective: dumbass
    stupid; brainless.
    “dumb-a** politicians”

  3. Food for thought
    at 9:45 pm (1 year ago)


    a dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person.
    NORTH AMERICANvulgar slang
    the p****.

  4. Food for thought
    at 9:48 pm (1 year ago)

    fun·ny farm

    noun: funny farm; plural noun: funny farms
    a psychiatric hospital.
    “he should be taken off to the funny farm”

  5. Food for thought
    at 9:49 pm (1 year ago)


    noun: coon; plural noun: coons
    short for raccoon.
    a black person.

  6. Food for thought
    at 1:58 am (1 year ago)


    nounvulgar slang
    noun: dickhead; plural noun: dickheads
    a stupid, irritating, or ridiculous person, particularly a man.

  7. Food for thought
    at 2:00 am (1 year ago)


    adjective: coloured; adjective: colored; adjective: Colored
    having or having been given a color or colors, especially as opposed to being black, white, or neutral.
    “brightly colored birds are easier to see”
    imbued with an emotive or exaggerated quality.
    “highly colored examples were used by both sides”
    wholly or partly of nonwhite descent (now considered offensive in the US).
    used as an ethnic label for people of mixed ethnic origin, including African slave, Malay, Chinese, and white.
    adjective: Coloured
    relating to people who are wholly or partly of nonwhite descent.
    “a colored club”
    noun: coloured; plural noun: coloureds; noun: colored; plural noun: coloreds; noun: Coloured; noun: Colored
    a person who is wholly or partly of nonwhite descent.
    a person of mixed ethnic origin speaking Afrikaans or English as their mother tongue.
    clothes, sheets, etc., that are any color but white (used especially in the context of washing and color fastness).

  8. Food for thought
    at 2:02 am (1 year ago)


    adjective: shameful
    worthy of or causing shame or disgrace.
    “a shameful accusation”
    synonyms: disgraceful, deplorable, despicable, contemptible, dishonorable, discreditable, reprehensible, low, unworthy, ignoble, shabby; More
    shocking, scandalous, outrageous, abominable, atrocious, appalling, vile, odious, heinous, egregious, loathsome, bad;
    inexcusable, unforgivable;
    informallowdown, hateful
    “shameful behavior”
    embarrassing, mortifying, humiliating, degrading, ignominious
    “a shameful secret”

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    at 4:59 am (1 year ago)

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  10. Food for thought
    at 11:33 pm (1 year ago)


    plural noun: drugs
    a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
    “a new drug aimed at sufferers from Parkinson’s disease”
    synonyms: medicine, medication, medicament, pharmaceutical; More
    3rd person present: drugs
    administer a drug to (someone) in order to induce stupor or insensibility.
    “they were drugged to keep them quiet”
    synonyms: anesthetize, narcotize;

  11. Food for thought
    at 11:37 pm (1 year ago)


    adjective: incoherent
    (of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.
    “he screamed some incoherent threat”
    synonyms: unclear, confused, unintelligible, incomprehensible, hard to follow, disjointed, disconnected, disordered, mixed up, garbled, jumbled, scrambled, muddled; More
    rambling, wandering, disorganized, illogical;
    inarticulate, mumbling, slurred
    “a long, incoherent speech”
    antonyms: intelligible
    (of a person) unable to speak intelligibly.
    “I splutter several more times before becoming incoherent”
    synonyms: delirious, raving, babbling, hysterical, irrational
    “she was incoherent and shivering”
    antonyms: lucid
    (of an ideology, policy, or system) internally inconsistent; illogical.
    “the film is ideologically incoherent”
    (of waves) having no definite or stable phase relationship.

  12. Food for thought
    at 11:40 pm (1 year ago)

    loon·y bin

    noun: loony bin; plural noun: loony bins
    a home or hospital for people who are mentally ill.

  13. Food for thought
    at 11:42 pm (1 year ago)


    noun: runner; plural noun: runners; suffix: -runner; suffix: -runners; noun: runner stone; plural noun: runner stones
    a person who runs, especially in a specified way.
    “Mary was a fast runner”
    a person who runs competitively as a sport or hobby.
    “a marathon runner”
    synonyms: sprinter, hurdler, racer, jogger; athlete
    “the runners were limbering up”
    a horse that runs in a particular race.
    “there were only four runners”
    a messenger, collector, or agent for a bank, bookmaker, or other organization.
    synonyms: messenger, courier, errand boy; informalgofer
    “he worked as a runner for the mob”
    a base runner.
    a messenger in the army.
    a person who smuggles specified goods into or out of a country or area.
    “a drug-runner”

  14. Food for thought
    at 11:43 pm (1 year ago)


    verb: inject; 3rd person present: injects; past tense: injected; past participle: injected; gerund or present participle: injecting
    drive or force (a liquid, especially a drug or vaccine) into a person or animal’s body with a syringe or similar device.
    “the doctor injected a painkilling drug”
    synonyms: administer, introduce; More
    informalshoot (up), mainline
    “he injected a painkiller”
    administer a drug or medicine to (a person or animal) in this way.
    “he injected himself with a drug overdose”
    synonyms: administer, introduce; More
    informalshoot (up), mainline
    “he injected a painkiller”
    inject oneself with a narcotic drug, especially habitually.
    “people who want to stop injecting”
    synonyms: administer, introduce; More
    informalshoot (up), mainline
    “he injected a painkiller”
    introduce (something) into a passage, cavity, or solid material under pressure.
    “inject the foam and allow it to expand”
    synonyms: insert, introduce, feed, push, force, shoot
    “a pump injects air into the valve”
    introduce or feed (a current, beam of particles, etc.) into a substance or device.
    place (a spacecraft or other object) into an orbit or trajectory.
    “many meteoroids are injected into hyperbolic orbits”

  15. Food for thought
    at 6:15 am (1 year ago)


    (of a person) old or aging.
    “she was elderly and silver-haired”
    synonyms: aged, old, advanced in years, aging, long in the tooth, past one’s prime; More
    (of a machine or similar object) showing signs of age.
    “a couple of elderly cars”

  16. Food for thought
    at 6:18 am (1 year ago)


    a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.
    “the painting was a fake”
    synonyms: forgery, counterfeit, copy, pirate(d) copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction; More
    not genuine; counterfeit.
    “fake designer clothing”
    synonyms: forgery, counterfeit, copy, pirate(d) copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction; More
    forge or counterfeit (something).
    “the woman faked her spouse’s signature”
    synonyms: forge, counterfeit, falsify, mock up, copy, pirate, reproduce, replicate;

  17. Food for thought
    at 6:20 am (1 year ago)

    black hole

    noun: black hole; plural noun: black holes; noun: blackhole; plural noun: blackholes
    a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape.
    a place where people or things, especially money, disappear without trace.
    “the moribund economy has been a black hole for federal funds”

  18. Food for thought
    at 6:22 am (1 year ago)


    noun: fathead; plural noun: fatheads; noun: fat-head; plural noun: fat-heads
    a stupid person.

  19. Food for thought
    at 6:27 am (1 year ago)


    noun: whoreson; plural noun: whoresons
    an unpleasant or greatly disliked person.

  20. Food for thought
    at 6:31 am (1 year ago)


    adjective: poverty-stricken
    extremely poor.
    “thousands of poverty-stricken people”
    synonyms: extremely poor, impoverished, destitute, penniless, as poor as a church mouse, in penury, impecunious, indigent, needy, in need/want, without a cent (to one’s name); More
    informalwithout two coins/cents to rub together;
    “I’m not poverty-stricken, but I could certainly use some assistance”

  21. Food for thought
    at 6:36 am (1 year ago)


    have a strong unpleasant smell.
    “the place stank like a sewer”
    synonyms: reek, smell (foul/bad/disgusting), stink/smell to high heaven
    “his clothes stank of sweat”
    be very unpleasant, contemptible, or scandalous.
    “the industry’s reputation stinks”
    synonyms: be very unpleasant, be abhorrent, be despicable, be contemptible, be disgusting, be vile, be foul; informalsuck
    “the idea stinks”
    a strong unpleasant smell; a stench.
    “the stink of the place hit me as I went in”
    synonyms: stench, reek, fetor, foul/bad smell; More
    a commotion or fuss.
    “no matter how nice the restaurant is, wacko Meg has to make a big stink and embarrass the rest of us”
    synonyms: fuss, commotion, rumpus, ruckus, trouble, outcry, uproar, brouhaha, furor; More

  22. Food for thought
    at 4:52 pm (1 year ago)


    adjective: flighty; comparative adjective: flightier; superlative adjective: flightiest
    fickle and irresponsible.
    “you may be seen as too flighty and lightweight for real responsibility”
    synonyms: fickle, inconstant, mercurial, whimsical, capricious, skittish, volatile, impulsive; More
    irresponsible, giddy, reckless, wild, careless, thoughtless
    “his flighty sister has changed her college major four times”

  23. Food for thought
    at 4:54 pm (1 year ago)


    an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.
    “shoplifting was a serious crime”
    synonyms: offense, unlawful act, illegal act, felony, misdemeanor, misdeed, wrong; informalno-no
    “kidnapping is a very serious crime”
    illegal activities.
    “the victims of crime”
    synonyms: lawbreaking, delinquency, wrongdoing, criminality, misconduct, illegality, villainy; More
    an action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong.
    “they condemned apartheid as a crime against humanity”
    synonyms: sin, evil, immoral act, wrong, atrocity, abomination, disgrace, outrage
    “a crime against humanity”

  24. Food for thought
    at 4:59 pm (1 year ago)

    Three sheets to the wind

    Three sheets to the wind: The condition a person arrives at after imbibing too much alcohol. When a person is very drunk on the verge of being out of control. Some where between “tipsy” and “snot-slinging” drunk. A Naval term that refers to a sailing ship traveling at the very highest limit of it’s speed.
    After that Christmas party I was three sheets to the wind as I was walking home.
    Those guys at the end of the bar are pretty much three sheets to the wind. It’s probably time to call them a cab.

  25. Food for thought
    at 5:19 pm (1 year ago)


    past tense: rejected; past participle: rejected
    dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one’s taste.
    “union negotiators rejected a 1.5 percent pay increase”
    refuse to agree to (a request).
    “an application to hold a pop concert at the club was rejected”
    synonyms: turn down, refuse, decline, say no to, spurn; informalgive the thumbs down to
    “the loggers rejected the offer”
    antonyms: accept
    fail to show due affection or concern for (someone); rebuff.
    “she didn’t want him to feel he had been rejected after his sister was born”
    synonyms: rebuff, spurn, shun, snub, repudiate, cast off/aside, discard, abandon, desert, turn one’s back on, have nothing (more) to do with, wash one’s hands of; More
    informalgive someone the brush-off;
    “Jamie rejected her”
    antonyms: welcome

  26. Food for thought
    at 5:20 pm (1 year ago)

    soup kitch·en

    noun: soup kitchen; plural noun: soup kitchens
    a place where free food is served to those who are homeless or destitute.

  27. Food for thought
    at 6:07 am (12 months ago)


    A little n***** who isn’t boss enough to really get his shine on.
    “Look blacky, I told you to wait in the car. You can come inside when you learn to look after yourself.”

    “That blacky is definitely hung well. There’s no way I could get my fingers between that noose and his neck.”

  28. Food for thought
    at 6:15 am (12 months ago)


    adjectivevulgar slang
    adjective: s***-faced; adjective: shitfaced
    drunk or under the influence of drugs.

  29. Food for thought
    at 5:26 pm (11 months ago)

    Mommas boy
    1. A grown male still dependent on his mother
    2. A grown man who allows or desires his mother to control most aspects of his life and make his decisions for him.

    ” I thought I liked him until I found out he was a mommas boy who let his momma make all his decisions for him and he didn’t have anything”

  30. Food for thought
    at 12:15 pm (11 months ago)

    Brain dead
    Having suffered brain death

    Extremely stupid
    ” he was too brain dead to live in society”

  31. Food for thought
    at 1:40 am (11 months ago)


    Weak and purposeless, lacking resolution

  32. Food for thought
    at 1:42 am (11 months ago)

    lacking Physical strength due to age or illness


    lacking strength of character

  33. Food for thought
    at 1:48 am (11 months ago)

    La La land

    A mental state of being similar to being high or actually being high where one envisions happy images

  34. Food for thought
    at 1:52 am (11 months ago)


    Lack of success

    The action or state of not funtioning

  35. Food for thought
    at 5:43 pm (11 months ago)

    Non functioning

    Not working or operating properly

  36. Food for thought
    at 5:45 pm (11 months ago)

    Empty headed

    Unintelligent and foolish
    ” why did they promote that empty-headed man”

  37. Food for thought
    at 5:57 pm (11 months ago)

    Crack dend

    Residence occupied by Crack fiends. For the purpose of smoking, distributing, and producing crack

  38. More food 4 your thought
    at 1:48 am (11 months ago)

    Matthew Couloute is a pathological liar and a con man. These are factual statements that have been proven. He is a psychopath.

    He will never change. “They” never do. He is a “textbook” psychopath. There are plenty of psychopaths roaming around, and he’s just like the rest of them. There’s nothing special about this one. Nothing. A lying loser.

    Psychopaths love attention, btw. Good or bad. Even if you’re posting on here hoping to bother him, he loves that your thinking about him. Remember, he will always have someone under his “spell”. Psychopaths are calculated; they plan their next move and groom their next victim carefully.

  39. Mpez
    at 1:52 am (10 months ago)

    dude that acts real white he sure the typical n****. 2 baby mamas, broke AF no job no house lives off his moms and is out straight robbin people. had a shot at being a real successful african american man.
    he aint no man and he embarrasses us black folks. fake a** mf

  40. Bob Raegan
    at 9:51 am (9 months ago)

    Now he’s 50 years old and about to lose his son. No longer has a career. And if you’ve seen him lately his skin looks like a worm on hot pavement.

  41. Eric Raegan
    at 9:53 am (9 months ago)

    His son needs a real dad. Best thing that could happen. If not the kid better get used to public transpertation.

  42. Dom
    at 9:59 am (9 months ago)

    Only N**** that cant afford a celly. Gotta bring back the payphone for this n****. But that would be expecting alot for him to actually have a quarter.

  43. 12345
    at 10:11 am (9 months ago)

    Only dude I know that cant afford furniture. He used to have a picnic table in his dining room. The TV is on milk crates and he wears the same 2 suits for years. wow . And what a mess on Google. Hours of fun looking him up. Ironic considering he probobly don’t own a computer.

  44. Rocco
    at 11:51 pm (8 months ago)

    Sexual deviant abuses women. Run for your life.

  45. Sissy
    at 4:33 pm (7 months ago)

    Stole his son using his corruption and Connections from his sons mom. Such a bad guy has no permanent address for him either.

  46. X
    at 4:38 am (5 months ago)

    Such a bad guy is right.

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