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Kyle Allen Baney

Kyle Allen Baney is a Liar and Cheat.. He got his Girlfriend pregnant and when their child was 3 mo old he left her and 2 weeks later he moved in with another girl ..3 months later he got back with this girl, told her he was sorry Blab blab.. left her 3 days later when he said his “family” would disown him if he was with her.. 2 months after that he got back with her and she informed him that she was pregnant and there was a chance the baby could be his..he didn’t care claimed her loved her and wanted to be with her..(Now the child support for their 1st Child was getting ready to be active)..After she had the baby he demanded that she name this baby after him..yes Kyle Allen Baney JR..yes he knew of the chance of this Baby not being his.. He didn’t care, said this was his baby regardless. Then he decided they needed to get married and she did .. and the date he decided was on her Birthday ..7 mo later she caught him cheating and left him..He claimed he only married her for the kids and not having to pay child support.. He now says JR is not his baby..he now lives with his Girlfriend.. who we found out was and is his sister’s ( Katelyn Ruth Baney) best friend who is Makenzie Lawren Elliot..what is wrong with theses people.. She is not with him nor will ever be..Just be for warned!


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