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Keith Lee is currently on his 2nd wife, he makes profiles online saying he is single and pursues long term relationships with women saying he is a single father of 2 and divorced with one ex wife. Keith Andrew Lee Jr. served several years in jail (you can find him on Maryland Case Search D.O.B. 12/05/77) and pretends to be reformed but is the ultimate con-man and a career criminal.

Keith Lee has had all of his online information removed so that his current wife Belinda Castro-Lee or ex wife Mary Katherine Lee cannot be traced to him in Baltimore, MD.

This man pursued me online on POF, showed me fake divorce papers in which he used his wife’s notary stamp to make look official, moved into a new place with me and then his current wife showed up at our place in which she lived 5 minutes away from saying he was VERY married, then she even stalked me and took me to court over him when he lied to us both and was sleeping with us on the same days!!! AND HE LIKES IT RAW!!

If he tells you he watches his son on the weekends its a lie–his wife Belinda Castro-Lee is spending the night at his house if you cannot reach him on weekends. He will pretend to be divorced but he will never leave her as most of his bills and inurance is in her name or co-signed by her.

Keith Andrew Lee Jr. is a compulsive liar and cheater preying on women online because he cannot be found on Google, also he has a place for the women he meets online to appear as if he is single but his family home with his wife and kids is 10 minutes away. He will tell you he has multiple cars and motorcyles (ALL CO-SIGNED BY HIS WIFE Belinda Castro Lee) and teaches martial arts at Goh’s Kung Fu to try and impress you but he is a CON MAN!

Ladies dating online in Baltimore, MD and the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) BEWARE!! He travels a lot for work so he picks up women in all 3 states!


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