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Jerry Harrison

Let me start by saying I’m not doing this because I’m a spiteful person. But because this person has been abusive not only to me but other past girlfriends I feel I need to warn women about him.
Jerry Harrison portrays himself as someone who has reformed from his past ways but that could not be possible with all I have experienced with him in less than one year. I have dealt with him coming to my house so drunk he didn’t recall the next day driving to my place and me having to drive him home and get him in the bed. I have had women call my telephone and when he was asked about it he blamed the other women for being jealous and wanting to ruin what we have. He has been caught and still tried to blame everyone else except himself.
The final straw was when Jerry came over to my house so we could talk. He screamed and yelled at me. When I asked him to leave, he started to hit me, then he choked me, and kicked me. The police were called and a police file was taken. I have gotten a restraining order against him. And when I was at the hospital to get exam to make sure nothing was broken I found out I am pregnant with his child. Jerry already has two other children that he does not have close relationships with because the mothers are trying to protect their children from him. His oldest, a girl, has witnessed his behavior and doesn’t have much to do with him. His youngest is 4 and Jerry doesn’t have much to do with him because he still has ill feelings for the mom. I’m not making any of this up. This is information I was privy to as I was dating Jerry and started to see his real colors. He is currently on probation and the crime doesn’t make sense, so I’m trying to figure out if that is the real reason he is on probation or if it is something different.
All I will say about Jerry Jerome Harrison is that he portrays himself as a sophisticated, well educated cultured man but he has serious issues ( I haven’t even told you about his family history and his crazy mom which is why he has these issues) so if you decide to get involved with this man please be careful. It’s a buyer beware when it comes to him. He may look like the total package but so did Charles Manson and look at what happened to those women.


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