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Jane Rubenstein Leach – Ohio

reporting this as a liar…..she posted me as cheating with her husband who had 3 children…..misleading because that sounds like 3 small children…2 of those children are his and are 21+ and the other in her 30’s or close to that. she posted that I sleep until noon and take drugs. NEVER! if I slept until noon, my yard, flowers, and 2 gardens would not be as nice and groomed as they are, my cars would not be clean, and I would not be able to take care of my other 27 acre farm in the country.
These and other accusations have caused havic on my life, lost friends, and possible male relationships. HERE’S MY STORY………………….52 year young female, single, attractive, falsely accused of cheating with my contractor who continued to work at my home for 3 more summers AFTER his wife was told he and I had an affair by my 2 next door neighbors, Debbie Chapman Biggs and Tina Buckley, who I had been friends with for many years. I was also falsely accused of using drugs, sleeping until noon, and pursing men with money. It is my opinion that because of live in a VERY small community of 6,000 and I am an outsider who moved here to a city block of older single women who are sisters and best friends and seem to be unhappy, I was accused of this via gossip. the story goes….2 neighbors who are tight friends, assumed it, told it to the contractor’s wife’s cousin (who lives right beside them) knowing she would tell the wife….Jane Rubenstein Leach. yes, the cousin went to her with the story. HOWEVER, so did the contractor’s electrician who is an old man with no other life and also friends with the wife’s cousin…….he never shuts up while working (how could I be sleep until, he is a gossip-monger also. since my other neighbor’s didn’t know any different story, they believed it and continued to pass it along. after a couple months a starting feeling shunned by them and wondered why. someone else came to me and told me they saw a TERRIBLE post on “liar’s cheater’s, etc” about me. I read it, and went to jane, the wife, about it. of course, I understood why she did it in haste and anger. I could not reason with her. doesn’t seem strange though that her contractor husband was “permitted” to continue working at my home for 3 more summers?! it blew the gossipy, rumor-starting neighbors minds! but, the sad fact of all this is…..the families…mine and their’s have now had this spread thru town and being talked about. I have lost friends because of this and now after 20 years of grieving an unwanted divorce, met a nice man, whose sisters and now the rest of his family read it and I had to explain the real reason the wife, Jane Rubenstein Leach wrote that. thankfully, he believes and understands. I have to or the wife, has to hire an attorney to have all these postings removed, and that is only if the owner of these sites approve to remove it. A lot of money could be spent OR the wife’s daughter who IS an attorney could work hard at no expense to any of us to get it removed. NOW, as people look through my facebook pictures a random “screenshot” of the wife’s posting about the alleged affair pops up in between my pictures!.. by a famous HACKER named GREGORY D. EVANS supposedly from California. I can’t see it using my computer or smart phone if I am signed in as myself, but if I use a friends computer…….it’s there!!! What do I do about that?! This is all wearing me out.

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