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DAVID PATRICK FINLEY – NOT who he pretends to be!

He is my ex husband of 18 years, and he is a sociopath. He lives in Concord, works for public transit – commuters say they shouldn’t ever strike.

He is extremely “charming” – pretends to hear, understand, and “cares” about you. Truth is, he is ADHD too – he might hear words, but forgets half, puts the other half wherever he wants. The ONLY time he cares about anyone, is when it benefits HIM. He completely lacks compassion, empathy, and has NO clue at all what love is.

He’s a total hypocrite, liar, he’s sneaky, and plays nasty mind games. His bad emotions and lack of emotion, are his Mother’s fault. He’s a “victim” – everyone treats him wrong – he never does anything wrong, and says so. Apologize? Never.

Short list of things he did. He justified all of them, saying I did something in the past, forcing him to make these choices. Then, he’d tell people he wanted something from, a completely different story, making me look like a monster. He is picky about who he plays his game with – he hates me, because I know who he is and what he does. HE WILL NEVER CHANGE – he WILL use and abuse you, then leave without a care in the world. I’M NOT HIS ONLY EX. He did the exact same thing to them too.

1. Bought me a truck without saying a word to me, then later DEMANDED I make his payments. That escalated into guilt tripping, degrading, and demanding to know how I spend my paycheck. HE told me my check was for my own “spending” before he bought the truck.

2. Decided he and his single female ex boss, were “best friends”, and are going to a football game.
News to me!! Did not ASK, did not TALK, just TOLD me. I flipped! He turned it all back on me, and so did she. They both spent hours backstabbing me.

3. He and I did drugs when we were first together – – I made the mistake of using again to “escape” my life – he quit for work. One day, my son figured it out, told David. They TAPED me hiding my stash. He involved my kids and our kids, telling them how “dangerous” I am, saying they need to move. He and our 18 year old, made plans to get me away so they could move out. They all LIED for a week. (He shows MAJOR favoritism to our oldest daughter).

4. Had OUR income taxes deposited in HIS account without discussing it. Gave me $800 out of $8,000, then “apologized” by saying he should’ve filed separately so he could have it all. I was told I should be happy he gave me anything.

5. To speed up divorce, I traded him for 6 months extra support for our 16 yr old ADHD daughter living with me. He agreed. I wasn’t working. 2 months later, he stops paying – NO WARNING. He says can’t afford it, I ask WHY, no answer. 6 months later, I find out the jerk bought a new car!!!!!
He had already bought it before he agreed!

David is a perfect example of a textbook Sociopath. I got sick when I first read what one is. It was like the author knew David all his life. He’s done so many other really bad things – just stay the hell away from him – – and if you happen to see him during your commute…….. tell him he’s a douche.


1 comment on DAVID PATRICK FINLEY – NOT who he pretends to be!

  1. Colleen Finley
    at 5:09 am (2 years ago)

    He now lives in Pleasant Hill with his favorite daughter. His ex boss referred to in #2 and I talk now. Her words – “he’s stupid and selfish”.

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