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Curtis Wiiliams Aka GoDj MK2

This man a made a life out of using every woman he comes into contact with. He use his ONLY job as a Dallas Go DJ to find his victims. He rather you work them him. He play on your emotions about him being ex military and how he substained these injuries which occured years ago. However he make it seem like is just happened. He will claim he has PTSD which he using to get money from the goverment. He this has also made it a habit of getting females pregnant and not taking care of Responsibilities. He will claim to be DJing when he really cheating on you. This man will ask you to pay his bills. He will call it help. This man has had his car repo. Had his electric, phoned turned off. This has been to jailed for back child support. There is nothing the won’t do except for tell the truth. He will leave be at your house and act like he needs to smoke yes he smoke everything then go and talk on the phone to some other female. This man Character is un trust worthy. He claim to have only three kids two that live here when he has way more. He denied his own sons yet will DJ a event for mentoring young men. Even confronted with the truth still lies. He a sorry excuse for a person. Lied on his own mother. That should had been a red flag when your family want nothing to do with you.


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