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As a reminder, all statements contained on this website are solely attributable to their creators.  Put a different way, we do not verify the information and are not responsible for its accuracy or lack thereof.  This is a cheater reporting website, expect rumor, satire, and humor. We do not edit posts nor do we manipulate the contents. By using the Report Cheater page the authors are responsible for their own posts. If you feel that a post about you is false and wish to challenge it, there are independent services that can be used for that. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the post will be removed, for that to happen, you must be successful in your challenge. For more information about post challenges, visit these websites:

For more information about post challenges, visit these websites:

1. Internet Reputation Control

2. Adventure Media, Remove Names, and several law firms and various authorized Alternative Dispute resolution and approved arbitrators.

You may contact us to make suggestions of how to improve our website.  Please note that it may take us up to a month to reply. Demands to remove posts that are not accompanied by Court Orders are ignored. We still reserve the right to review court orders for removals and do not have the obligation to comply, default judgments are not looked favorably. If you contact ANY of our service providers to complain, we will find out and will encourage public debate about your claims including posting your name and talking about you as part of the debate.

Read this before threatening us through this contact form:  This website is simply a source of support and discussion regarding the topic of infidelity and betrayal of trust.  Remember that all the opinions in this site are only the opinions of their respective authors, and this site does not guarantee the truthfulness or accuracy of any of the posts herein.  We only provide a platform for discussion and opinions, we do not participate. Further, we are not responsible for contents posted by others.  Prior to threatening us, you may want to read:

Be nice in your correspondence, we have no patience for threats.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO POST ANY THREATS ON THIS WEBSITE.  If you send us an email explaining what your lawyer will do to us, remind your lawyer about Rule 11 obligations and make sure he/she reads the Section 230 link above.  Any lawyer who files a frivolous lawsuit will be subjected to sanctions and a counter lawsuit for “wrongful use of civil proceedings” as defined on § 674 of the Restatement (Second) of Torts.  In other words, we will get a lawyer (who will probably end up being paid by you and your lawyer) to sue your lawyer, then let our readers know all about it and open the issue to commentary. With that said, you may email us here:

21 comments on Contact Us

  1. Secrets
    at 12:09 am (8 months ago)

    Watch out for Kevin aka Justice Marshburn of Allentown PA he is a big time cheater is in a relationship with someone but is on a dating Charline & talking & netting with multiple women.

  2. Ryan Bucher
    at 1:07 pm (7 months ago)

    Please remove the facts about my infidelity

  3. Ryan Bucher
    at 1:10 pm (7 months ago)

    Please contact me and tell me how to get this resolved

  4. annon
    at 4:08 pm (7 months ago)

    if they are facts then they should be up here

  5. Julie
    at 3:09 am (6 months ago)

    Ryan Bucher, you get what you play for sometimes. I am not with this site, just a public comment.

  6. pat
    at 3:31 pm (5 months ago)

    How do you remove names from this website. Please remove Tony Hamilton

  7. me
    at 2:20 pm (5 months ago)

    I’ve been warned that a post will soon appear about me.
    Horrible accusations in an attempt to humiliate and force me, to
    remove a post. I have asked a half a dozen times,
    haven’t I?

  8. v
    at 2:45 pm (5 months ago)

    Im extremely mad because i made the post and still you guys never rewarded my your word. And this was within your old 24hr limits, sent from the same ip address and correct information. I admit the post i made is a lie and i got drunk one night and posted it. Yet you refuse to omit it. I am on the verge of a lawsuit. Under my right and me being the poster. I have every right to remove contents.

  9. v
    at 2:49 pm (5 months ago)

    You guys are a scam. And i dont know how vindictive you are, but you used to post comments like, we will bring more attention to your post if you scream lawsuit. I want the post removed that I made, period

  10. v
    at 2:53 pm (5 months ago)

    Because even under your bs sanctions. If i am the poster and I prove you failed to keep your word, then I win.

  11. Ruth L. Hayes Kindred
    at 2:17 pm (4 months ago)

    I want everyone to go on Facebook and look for the main photo with Rottweiler dogs on the front. His name is Arthur Kindred. My Facebook front has me laying on the bed with a Rottweiler…Ruth L. Hayes Kindred. I want everyone to thank my husband for giving me herpes

  12. Liar
    at 5:29 pm (4 months ago)

    Addicted Liar

  13. Ruth L. Hayes Kindred
    at 8:30 pm (4 months ago)

    My name is Ruth L. Hayes Kindred and I feel so stupid for marrying Arthur Kindred. This is the second marriage where I was cheated on. The second time he contracted a genital herpes and exposed me to it.

  14. ALLIA
    at 10:02 am (3 months ago)

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  15. Christopher Powell and Shannon Davis
    at 8:51 pm (2 months ago)

    So cool. I can buy cheese on here to. Oh wow. Hey did Christopher shoe you his new golf set? Really. Damn. Didn’t know his mom died last week. Cancer you say? Wow. That was fast… oh! Sorry man.

    Hey did you hear from Theresa. Nah….
    Omg. Wait….oh yeah. Hey did you hear that. Sounds like someone is listening to us. Hold on a minute .

    Hold please…


  16. HILL
    at 1:59 pm (2 months ago)

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    at 12:29 am (2 months ago)

    Chochooooo…. chucka chucka choo choose. ….you.

  18. Ebony
    at 8:51 am (1 month ago)

    There has been a post made with my picture
    An it clearly isn’t me, I’ve been gay for almost ten years of my life. Maybe more lol someone is using my pics it isn’t me. Its embarrassing having this up. Please help thanks

  19. AlwaysGood
    at 2:46 pm (3 weeks ago)

    How do you remove a post if you’re the author? Anyone know?

  20. D***
    at 10:15 am (3 days ago)

    Nice – the only question I have is how do you prevent cyber bullying? It’s too easy to go ahead and just make some s*** out for the lolz.

  21. Rachel Manjodh Garrett
    at 3:30 pm (3 days ago)

    D, the site is set up by Russian intelligence in order to collect blackmail on Americans and others. They post the “harmless” stuff (people who aren’t VIPs), and keep the good bits for themselves. Occasionally they use it to harass scientists, researchers, government officials, police officers, etc. in order to create some drag on the system. It’s called “active measures.” They also use the site as sort of a water-cooler to chat and gossip among themselves. Have a feeling you may’ve already known this and posed the question in order to help set up their post about moving from to

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