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Commissioner John A. Harris in Opelika, AL

John A. Harris should get the award for fooling the City of Opelika and Lee County for years!
The biggest Scammer you have in Opelika is Commissioner John A. Harris!
Why someone did not warn me that he was a Romance Scammer and Lovefraud!
This man is a Liar, Cheater, Scammer and is only after women he find on the internet for money and Sex.
I found out that there are many of us! He is a pathetic little man! He has all the people in your city and county fooled! He boast and brag but none of it is true,
I know, I wasted the last 15 months on him. I was truly Catfished by this troll and his liessssssssss! I lived the Nightmare!
He cheated countless times on his Ex-wife until she had to divorce him even while a City Council and Commissioner.
He was engaged to marry me and I found out yesterday about another women in another state he also promise to marry. He mostly get women in other states to keep his image good there. I’m in TN. One in CT, TX and etc.
There are others he met on line, promise to marry to get money from us.
This man is worst than any Nigerian Scammer!
Mostly everyone I have talked to there said that is not the John they know,( I know a different one behind closed doors!)
He hides behind his Commissioner position and being a Good Christian to get us.
He is on numerous Dating sites.
I have sent letters or posted on their websites to all the Commissioners, City Council, Sheriff Dept. and Police Dept to try to help stop this Scammer.
I am a Victim and someone else has Mothers, daughters and Sisters that could be a targets
I Heard he is saying I am a wacko to all the people that know him. It is scary to know that he is able to still con these people after I have told them the truth.
No one warned me and it hurt when I found out the real John. I do not want any other woman to go through what I have been through these last few days.
I thought I did my homework in checking on him but nothing came up on Google and I thought I was safe. I was not!
He had the right to love who he wanted, but he did not have the right to Romance Scam me!
He does not have the right to pretend this never happen and try to make me look like a wacko because your game was exposed.
If the other women had done what I am doing and exposing you, then maybe I would not be going through what I went through.

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4 comments on Commissioner John A. Harris in Opelika, AL

  1. no tears left
    at 2:54 pm (1 year ago)

    Feeling with you ? read my post from today. Wish you all the best !

  2. no tears left
    at 2:56 pm (1 year ago)

    The ? sign means a heart 🙂

  3. Robbie Watkins
    at 11:36 pm (10 months ago)

    I am very sorry that this happened to you. I know every single thing you wrote is true. I was matched with John on eharmony about 2 years ago, and we talked on the phone often. I work in Japan, but Georgia is my home, and I think that is why he contacted me, hoping we’d get together when I came home to Georgia! John was full of promises and delusions of grandeur…all nothing but bold-faced lies! He did get a birthday present out of me. I wish i could stuff it down his filthy,lying throat! It didn’t take him long before he started talking about us having a relationship…then the nasty sex talk began. Through all of his wheezing and coughing, and breathing apparatus… this man managed to masturbate in my ear to the sound of my voice. I stopped talking to him. Dirty old man!He was up to no good. We never met. I am glad I didn’t waste my time on his non-talking, babbling,elmer fudd sounding self! I am so sorry that you did. You are better off without him. I am still waiting on 10,000 I was promised, and a new bedroom suite! Ha! He just likes to hear himself talk. Probably because nobody ever listened to his babbling growing up! Count your blessings that this scam artist is out of your life. John has more than one scam going on, if you didn’t know it! Be happy that he is out of your life!

  4. Ducky
    at 6:58 am (5 months ago)

    This guy is the biggest “Simp” I have ever talked to. Met him on one of those dating sites. John had no picture posted and these are the people I ignored. John was very persistent in getting my attention. He sent me a photo by text told me he was a good man and that he would treat me like no other man . This was in May 2013 he was running for I believe Commissioner/City Counsel a second term. This kept John very busy so we only talked on the phone…Soon after he started telling me what he was going to do for me to make me happy the late night morning sex calls started coming…Wheezing babbling and masturbating sometimes wearing his C pap machine yep at the sound of my voice…Did I say “Simp” He called himself I’m the man…In 2015 I challenged John to come visit me for a weekend before Christmas…Lies never happen…Promised to buy me a house that they where building in NC…I decided to search out his house on the internet…”I WAS SHOCKED”at his house if the address was correct…The word liar is too good for this man because every word he spoke was a lie…The woman in CT. posted their pictures and stated that he was the love of her life and marriage was in order…She finally removed her facebook page..I asked John about this women and he denied knowing her at first until I told him about the facebook page and pictures….He called her a liar and another woman crazy…I pity the fool that ends up with this fool…BEWARE Women this man is a liar cheater and a phone sex operator…I’m thankful these women have exposed the Commissioner of Opelika Al Yes count your blessings…

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