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Daniel Garza, Texas

Asked me out and Left Me With the Bill! Daniel Garza said he was from Corpus Christi and had a college degree and just moved to Texas. He said he was tired of dating and wanted a woman to have in his arms forever. We met on a dating site and he seemed so nice. He said he likes that I have 2 kids and that he wanted a family to add to his own. He asked me to dinner so I found a sitter. We went to a expensive place and I was embarassed because I wasnt dresses up and he was. We had dinner and the waiter gave him the bill. He looked at it and made a face and said he was going to the bathroom. He never came back to the table. 🙁 I had to use 150 of my rent money to pay! Dont listen to his lies!


While looking to see if my ex was cheating on me I got on Ashley Madison. Please keep in mind I deeply regret everything I did at this point. I was contacted by Tommy Carr , a seargent with the Houston Police Department (HPD) . He is apparently with vice now lol. He KNOWINGLY infected me with herpes and I can back this up. This is just a warning to all else out there.

Iris Harris Austin, Texas

Iris said that when she was Iris Freels that their marriage ended on infidelity. She said that she cheated on Brad and that after telling him it was decided that the marriage would end.

She met someone else and she talked about how she would never cheat on anyone again. She said she would never be that person again. She married again they divorced in 2016, then started work on rebuilding a relationship to reunite and they remarried in late 2016. There were constant stories that changed and eventually the 2nd marriage to the same guy was annulled based off for him the constant lies and infidelity. Before she moved out late 2016 she confessed to sleeping with a guy named Doug Saylor during their first marriage and continued to have sexual conversations through that marriage over time. After the second marriage was annulled she also said that she had sex with her Quest Software manager Chris Muir. She said she met Chris at Yardhouse and vaguely remember some actions. She said she wasn’t sure if he wore a condom or not.

Chris Muir Austin, Texas

Chris is a manager at Quest Software and had sex with one of his direct reports Iris Harris. Iris said that she met Chris at the Yard House and had a lot of drinks. She said she vaguely remembers walking back to Chris’s apartment in the Domain and that she wasn’t planning on having sex with Chris. She said that she was so drunk that she doesn’t remember if he wore a condom or not. This was just weeks before Iris married. While she was married Chris sent Iris flowers to her work. Iris said Chris was out of town with another woman at the time when she got the flowers.

Winford James Maddox, Texas

Only enters relationships to hide his secret homosexuality. Is a narcasistic opportunist abuser. He will mooch off a woman while sleeping with men, Craigslist whores, and anyone transgender. Also sells himself to older men for $ if his “Vic” don’t give him enough. Always has a sad story for how he’s treated. Never admits his flaws and will even have sex with 15 y/o’s. Is currently using a 50 year old drug dealer named Barbara Rolland.

Kaydee Wooten Husband Poacher, Texas

Women beware this one is married and still poaching husbands. Her latest poach was a youth football coach that gave her his email for team contact. She has steadily been trying to get my his attention with emails saying “Michael is gone, come over and I can do to you what you’ve been wanting”. Now I’m sure my he’s is a pig and so is she. From Midland and residing in San Antonio, Mom’s beware if your husband is coaching or attending practice, she’s handing out handys and lips service in the parking lot.

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