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Luke Murray East Hempfield Police, PA

He likes to hand out his business card with his email address and work phone number so his gf Misty Jones doesn’t know he’s texting and calling other girls. He changed his FB profile to Ukela Urraayma in hopes that these girls won’t find him on FB and hit him up. Who knows what stories he’s telling Misty but I guess it would be hard to believe when he’s being the PERFECT boyfriend and telling her how he can’t wait to see her, how much he misses her, taking her to her favorite restaurant on her birthday and telling her how she makes him look better. She deserves better!

Katie Cherry, Pennsylvania

This w****, named Katie Cherry, is going around looking for any man she can find. Married, engaged, or in a relationship, It doesn’t matter. She like to sleep around to get ahead or to get/give head. She is known to sleep with her bosses, and her friends men! She barely works, lies about everything. She is the family dollar bullshitter. So beware of this c***!

Ken Vermilion, Pennsylvania

So since you can’t deny it’s you Ken what are you telling your OTHER GF? I would love to talk to her but when I tried she said nothing but ask if I was Krista. Didn’t know who Krista was until I did more reading and then I tried to call her when I saw her number in an old post but it has been changed. Then I see her posts that you are trying to pin my pictures on her! You have balls!

The fact Becca knew you were F****** Krista and lying to her and took you back makes her PATHETIC!

The fact she talked to your wife and Krista then blocked them and took you back makes her CLASSLESS!

The fact she saw your disgusting trolling on Craiglist and took you back makes her GROSS!

And the fact she saw you were hooking up with a w**** makes her DESPERATE!

You found a keeper Ken! You hit the jackpot of stupidity with Becca!

Well Sugar time to face it. Ken has been lying to you! He was F****** me the whole time he was F****** you. He was telling me he loves me the whole time he was telling you he loves you. He was telling me there was no one else the whole time he was telling you that you were the only one.

Difference between us? I am a real woman with some self respect who knows she deserves better and no matter how much I loved him I will not tolerate a man who lies to me and puts me and my kids in jeopardy!!!

Keep believing his lies. Keep wondering what he is doing. Keep wondering where the last place his d*** was before he put it in you!

If you believe his lies about these pictures then you seriously are riding the short bus because THEY ARE 100% KEN!!

I loved him. He told me he loved me all while f****** God knows how many other woman and telling them he loved them too! He has no conscience at all. He is a lying cheating MAN W****!!!!

Just remember he was stopping to see me before and after seeing you. Doesn’t say much for my intelligence but at least I was just his w**** and not whoring myself out at his swinger parties like you were!

I loved him and trusted him but as soon as I found out the truth I kicked his a** to the curb!

What will you do??? Considering you blocked the women who said things you didn’t want to hear I’m sure you will believe his lies and take him back. That makes you a LOSER!

Hold onto this winner Ken. I think even if she did catch you f****** another woman she would believe you when you told her you were sleepwalking and this woman fell on your d***!

Dwight A Archer (Jamerican) of Philadelphia, PA

Dwight A Archer (Jamerican) of Philadelphia is a jackass who owes me money. He lied in court saying he never said he would give me my money back even though I had proof. The judge saw that he was a liar and I still won. He still hasn’t paid me back so I’m taking further legal action. He’s with law enforcement and with the military. He can’t be trusted…if he lied on the stand for money God only knows what else he lies about in court for his work.

Ken Vermilion, Pennsylvania

Not blacking out this time so you can’t deny its you Ken.

Picture of us at a party in September and a picture I took of Ken about a month ago. I was sick and he just got in from Ohio and fell on my bed Yes, he got sick cuz of me.

He is a liar. How many woman will it take before you listen? Do you need to catch him f****** someone before you stop believing his lies? I met him in September 2015 so by reading the posts he was seeing me, you, Krista. a w**** and women on CL and trying to fix his marriage! He is not in love with anyone but himself!

Dean Horton, Pennsylvania

Dean Horton is a homewrecker. He has no morals, he does not care about family, children, anyone he hurts. Evil soul. For your own well being please steer clear of this person. I am taking the time to write this to not get even or whatever just to warn others.

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