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Ed woodhams, Oklahoma

I was married for a 1 in a half on thanksgiving day just out of blue he said he wants a deverse come to find out he been cheating. Told me to get out I had no money he is a truck driver for Nativeamercainpridellc out of Oklahoma he on dating sites he from California but live in oklhama his number is 1 405 974 8965. I had no way I am from pa I had to borrow money to get to my sister’s.

Nate Stone and Cherise Miller of OKC

Nate Stone and Cherise Miller of OKC, had an on going affair that she put on face book the week before Christmas that crushed family and friends…..while I the FiancĂ© and girlfriend of 7+ years was living in our home and fielding cards and gifts and wondering WTF just happened. The rest of the details are so gross. I just want to make sure she is as publicly humiliated and people know they are both horrible people with no respect or honor. I would not trust her considering she runs a business teaching girls how to objectify themselves….

Beware of Jerry White, Tulsa, OK

Jerry White in Tulsa, OK is not only a cheater and a liar, but has some freaky sexual habits. He is a bully and a sociopath. His wife Kyrstin is not much better. They conspired to get some poor girl fired by lying. Her request to prove his love for her after cheating.
Beware that he has a taste for older women and only watches “cougar porn.”

(The Deval Wears no remorse) Kassandra “Kassie” Jones, Oklahoma

Don’t be fooled by her (Kassandra Jones aka Kassie) appearance. I got this from her original police mugshot. She has to be one of the biggest home wreckers to ever set foot on this holy ground we call Oklahoma. She claimed to be a former addict but found out that she still is doing drugs. She met my good friend and me at IHOP awhile back. She sold him a story of how she was abused and beaten up all the time by her ex-boyfriend. I didn’t care for her stories and just wanted my food., but knowing my friend who was married and has a soft heart. He is the kind of man that would do anything for anyone in their times of need. He has more money than I ould dream of, and he is a retired veteran. Now I know his wife and him are having some problems at the time due to depression, and PTSD symptom from combat during wartime, But this little witch saw an opportunity and gave him her number. Now he’s been married for 16 years with a beautiful wife and three kids. One day, after not seeing him for a while. She was sitting in his car. To make a long story short, She took his credit card and withdrew $800. He keeps his pin on the back of the card because of his TBI and forgetting things.He never heard from her unless she was broke.I took the liberty of googling her and found out that she served time in jail for two counts of possession of narcotics and currently on probation. She whipped out his account. Then she called his wife and told her he was leaving his wife for her. So went the fireworks. His wife wanted a divorce, and when this girl couldn’t get any more money. She put him out on the streets. He ended up shooting himself because of the situation he was in. Now I’ve known this man and his family for years, and I’ve never seen him cheat or mistreat his wife in any way. This girl needs to be exposed. She has slept with over 100 boys and men and acts like it’s nothing; Those are her words and not mine. She drives a gray, bluish 2012 Camaro and uses it to entice people by pretending she’s got her life together when she doesn’t. In reality, she’s just a low down piece of trash. As for the soldier, He’s on life support and there is a possible chance he may make it, but no one knows.

SFC Michael McGill, Oklahoma

This guy is an amazingly smooth talker, but slipped up and it made me dig really deep and BOOM, what do I find…that he’s married!!

He found me on Plenty of Fish. Was in my town for a day for a conference but his kids live in my town so he’s here 2x a month or so. He had told me that he had not dated anyone in 2 years, since his divorce. That I was his first kiss in two years. I found that hard to believe with how comfortable he was, but I was going with it because he has a really electric personality. I would have taken him home with me that night if I would not have had a deep feeling that I would be just another notch in his belt.

Since he’s in the army, he conviently was sent off to a training mission. That whole month, we texted daily. Pictures were shared. As the time moved on, the conversations got deeper and the pictures got racier. Then he had to go out on another “training” exercise and would be without his phone. That’s when I sent a flirty message for him to have when he got back, but got an immediate response of “Who is this? I think you have a wrong number.”

That’s when I started digging. He hids things well on social media, but I figured that his ex-wife might be willing to confirm what I had found. She did and more!! She confirmed he was married to the girl I found.

She let me know that he was in town the day I met him for a mediation for child custody, not an ammunition conference. That he cheated on her when he was stationed in Korea, then again with his new wife. It broke up their family, they have two young boys.

This guy will do this forever, and when I confronted him, ignored my messages. He is a weak, pathetic excuse of man that I find utterly disgusting.

Jimmy Doolittle, Oklahoma

I loved how my husband loved having sex with me! It was the most special ever!!! He then started wanting to involve other people, somehow I was no longer enough! He has to watch porn to enjoy sex,if he is not watching porn he is thinking of other women. Slowly over the years he was going outside our marriage and lying on a daily basis! I felt very unloved and inadequate for so long! I wanted to forgive him and continue our marriage of 21 years,but it was impossible because he could not even admit to what he was doing! Slowly but surely regular sex was not even satisfying to him,he had to have 2 women ,then that was no longer enough so he did the swinging thing! Sadly I finally lost my husband and he is divorcing me today,he enjoys being with strangers more than a loving wife! His name is Jimmy Doolittle, I will always love that guy,but I could never satisfy him,so he dumped me and he hires escorts and he got back with his ex wife behind my back and he is still lying to me,and all I ever wanted was to love him,and satisfy him in every way that he desired,but he could never be satisfied! He is a sex addict and truly needs love and help! Good luck honey,I will always love you,and pray that somehow some day you will get right with yourself! I enjoyed you in many ways!

Beware of Dena Weaver Burch of Edmond Oklahoma

Dena Burch of Edmond Oklahoma is quite the character. Caution is advised if befriending or otherwise trusting this person. She and her husband Ted try to present themselves as devoutly Christian, active in the community, church-going, up-standing people. Dena is two-faced, fake, scandalous, shady and not the same person as the image she initially presents. She initially does well at presenting herself as kind. She can in fact project her own unscrupulous ways onto the entire female gender while also coming off as a bit of a victim with comments like “Most women are scandalous and two-faced.” One gets the impression that maybe this is a nice woman who has been betrayed by other women.
Someone wise said, “If you spot it, you’ve got it”. Or, as Anais Nin stated, “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” It is actually Dena who is scandalous and two-faced.
She has an over-sharing nature when it comes to her own and other people’s private business. She has a way of remaining fake while still subjecting those around her with awkward TMI moments. I witnessed her gossip about many people over the years. She would even gossip about her own husband when upset with him. It was, of course, no surprise to receive feedback about my being another one of this woman’s subject matter during one of her disclosure sessions. This would occur for years, all with the woman’s over the top fake friendliness and smiles.

So, how is this woman a liar? What sets her apart from other big-mouthed, petty people? It is in the fact that her “gossip” goes beyond merely annoying and hurtful to actually being unprofessional, unethical, and her committing actions that have actually broken rules (like violating HIPAA). She has worked in the healthcare field and actually has gone so far as to name-drop (sometimes prominent OKC community members) and then share private health information (PHI) of her patients. These acts done by half of a “righteous” (definitely self-righteous) couple. How far north does ones moral compass have to be pointing to recognize these actions as wrong? This is also why I call this woman a liar. The lying comes when trying to portray herself as a caring,kind,moral person who is capable of being authentic, professional, or discrete.

While flaws and imperfections are a universal part of the human condition, I feel obligated to at least shed light on this subject.

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