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Kimberlee Hutchcraft also goes by Kim Edwards, Missouri

She can not get enough men. I was with her when she was cheating on her husband and she said I was the only one then boom there were like 10 more. She is a nurse at Liberty hospital in Liberty, Mo and even meets guys why she is working in random rooms. Here is her number and Instagram
+1 (816) 344-7125
She likes to send nude photos of her pierced nipples and dirty videos to random people.

Taylor Noelke of Missouri will break your heart

To any girls in the radius of Washington, Missouri, stay clear of Taylor Noelke. His charm will catch you real quick but beware, he’s nothing but lies behind the charm. He will give you an excuse for him even breathing. Drug addicts only change if they want to. He doesn’t want to. He wants to blame everyone for every single thing he does. He will always be innocent and as a manipulative individual, he will make you feel like the most worthless waste of exsistence.

Nathan Daugherty, Missouri, is a serial Cheater, Liars and Selfish Opportunist

Well, in the 4 1/2 years of being on again off again with this man (on and off due to alcohol abuse, pill abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, stealing my actual prescription pills, lying, and of course cheating 5 times that I know of. (This man professed his undying love for me by the way, would even send me pictures of his son saying ‘We both miss you so much’ ‘I can’t live without you’ all those lovely things just to lure me back in and find out that he’s yet again talking/ sleeping with another woman, of course) He would always claim “Oh well we were never really together, you were always leaving”..Lol. okay.. sure.
Final time was with the coworker he cheated on me with initially, now let’s say I’m the crazy one here, but the texts CLEARLY show that in fact we were actually together when he cheated on me on our anniversary while I was out of town telling me ‘I love you baby, I hope you have a great trip and Im so sorry for everything Ive ever done to hurt you’ while the very next day he is telling his coworker that he would mouth sex her if she brings him a xanax.Tried to deny the whole thing. F****** hilarious. Not really, I hope Karma brings your narcissistic a** down.

Melissa Chaney, Missouri

This woman is a pathological liar. I was with her for almost 6 months. She has every one in her little town of Wheatland thinking she is perfect and they believe her because she doesn’t date anyone from her area. She always goes at least 40+ miles away to date. She will tell you what you want to hear to continue to get what she wants. And she a crazy manipulator and then turns the story the benefit her. Then she tells you you’re the manipulator. I could never prove it but I also think she’s a cheater. Because she’s always gotta have her time which is quite often. And she’s a cop caller. If things don’t go the way she wants she threatens to call the cops. And then when she gets called out and busted she calls the cops. Do not trust her I repeat do not trust her!

mandel swanson St. Louis and georgia

This man right here is such a dog. We are a group of women that this man has hurt and dogged over some petty mess. He will take from a woman but he will not give a dime. He broke up with a girl he dated from church he was seeing because he got evicted, AGAIN, and he wanted to stay at her place. All the while he was talking to other women. Why does he think I would let him stay with me. NOT. Then after me he tried dating someone I heard from his hometown, that didn’t work out. Then I heard thru the grapevine at church he married his so called best friend and she must be stupid if she married him and she is his best friend because he is using her. The bet at church is that he won’t stay with her for long and he will move onto the next. This man is a liar and a cheater with no regard for anyone. It is time to expose him for the mysoginist he is. HE WILL USE YOU FOR HIS GAIN AND WILL JUST UP AND WALK AWAY FROM YOU. THERE ARE A GANG OF WOMEN I HAVE SPOKEN WITH THAT HE HAS DONE THIS TO. BE WARNED. He is the type to make you think a woman has done him wrong and uses that to gain sympathy from you. I am not making this up. He is a dog, hoe, and womanizer.


Not a victim but a LIAR. Lien Nguyen in Kansas City knew the man she was sleeping with was in a relationship and was “ok” with being a booty call until she wanted more. Dating is already hard enough and there are enough men that cheat, but when you add someone like this to the mix who knew about me and my child while I knew NOTHING about her until they were caught… makes it impossible.

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