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Quentin Eugene Martin of Flint, MI

Dated this lame-O who i met on POF. He was nice but not very ambitious. I let that go. He never was dependable and everything is everyone’s fault. Even though he was the MOST boring person I ever met, I gave him a chance. Because we were committed, we decided to stop using condoms. I was on birth control and he had a vasectomy. Broke up, I got super sick. Come to find out I was 23 weeks pregnant with a problem. Many issues and would not be viable. Terminated and asked for financial help. He said he would help. Asked to get some help and have heard nothing. When I was healing from surgery, I got a text. Never a call oh and did I mention he had his vasectomy reversed and he’s already a deadbeat to his 4 sons. So ladies, if you see Quentin Eugene Martin of Flint, MI by way of Gary, IN, run in the opposite direction. He’s a 46/47 year old sofa surfing, bad credit no ambition having SOB. He’s funny looking and his lack of personality makes him hideous. His only skill is eating p***y and his big d**k. Other than that he’s a waste of space.

Is he cheating?

I have been dating him going on 4 years, but has me blocked on Facebook, right from the beginning. Hides his phone and that’s locked up too? Takes phone every time in bathroom and could spend 20 minutes to a half hour in there. Come out not smelling like nothing?? Turns phone off when sitting in same room or keeps phone in pocket?? I accuse him almost everyday that there is someone else , but calls me a nut , and that its all in my head?? Is it all in my head??

Nathan Edwin Kane, Michigan

This guy is one of the biggest assholes that has ever crossed my path. He’s a man child, with the warmth of a corpse. I don’t think I’ve seen someone put away booze like this fella. He will bang you a few times, then send you on your way. Trolling Facebook and Tinder seem to be his thing. He is poison.

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