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Liar Cheater Woman

Liar Cheater Woman

Amanda Gillard, Naples FL, Waynesville NC

Amanda Gillard, from Naples FL who moved to Waynesville NC is a cheater, liar and a woman who lacks complete empathy. She used me to get away from home without a second thought. After 2 years we moved away together and 3 weeks after starting her new job in our new home, that I picked out for us, I caught her with another man she met from work. Her family is no better. Her father covered for her whenever this was happening and her mother insisted that she get condoms “just in case she wanted to have sex with him again” even though we were trying to figure things out. So do not trust this lowlife. You’ll probably end up hurt.

Amanda Dawn Coate: Police Informant and Cheater, Canada

Amanda Dawn Coate, age 31, a full-time escort, AKA Brielle Knight, works Saskatoon and Regina and you can find her profile on Backpage under the escort section any day of the week. She is also a con artist, thief and likes to rob her clients of their money, identification and car/truck. She is good at this, but has been arrested over a dozen times in the last year, and has multiple warrants for her arrest. Funny thing about Amanda is that despite these warrants, she never gets taken to jail. Saskatoon vice has issued her a number of prostitution related tickets and they always let her go. She can even drive a stolen vehicle around without getting pulled over despite being followed by marked police cruisers. Recently, while driving a stolen truck, she pulled into a Tim Horton’s for coffee, as did a number of patrol cars. She left the stolen ride there and called a cab, all while being watched by the police. She and two friends recently aided the escape from jail by Travis Funk. He was captured, and the two friends have been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the escape, but not Amanda. Not saying that she is an informant, maybe she is considered an untouchable because she has powerful clients? Amanda does brag about having a few police officers as clients, but can that give her a free pass on her warrants and motor-vehicle theft ring?

Alexa is a Lying Cheater

I was doing my careers summative in class one day and I looked over and saw Alexa looking down at something. I went up to ask her what it was and it turned out she was using a previously written answer to cheat on her summative. When I called her out on it to everybody she said that SHE LIED ABOUT CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!! I then came to this website to report her for being the lying cheating w**** she is.

Liz Macellar, Australia

The so called honest woman of Brisbane well shall we start how about using and abuse of men when you do not get your way this woman is so damaging that she leaves a trail of broken people because of the fear she put them in shame shame watch this space more on the way

Nichole Hayley, Texas

This is girl when pretends or wants to be your friend and likes to drink and get high with your husband in her apartment without your consent.
This is a girl for months kept texting asking my husband to come to her apartment or showing up to my apartment uninvited.
I declined going up to her apartment many times to see if she will pick any signs but She is too stupid & ignorant.
This is girl plays the sorry and lonely card in order to get high and f*****.
This is a girl who cannot get any man to take her serious.

This is a girl when I told her it was not okay this behavior she got upset, this is a girl when I asked her to stop she continue texting and having my husband coming up to her apartment.

This is a girl I tried to let her know her behavior was not acceptable,
She decided to come to apartment and tried to fight me with a teezer.
This is a lost girl, I felt sorry and tried to be her friend but she did not respected my marriage or any boundaries as a good friend should be.
God knows???

Lynn Bennett, Weymouth Ma

Teacher from Weymouth serial cheater. My ex is 3 years older then me and she cheated on me so many times I lost count she said she liked Big black dicks 11 inches and nothing else felt that good and she cheated so many times that one time she tried to kiss me and had c*** breath her panties would be covered in c** and she was once peed on and had a 3 sum she is from Weymouth Ma and is a teacher her name is Lynn Bennett

Mercy Fakoya

She also goes by Anu or Anuoluwa Fakoya, she lives in Houston TX, she is crazy, her p**** stinks, I didn’t know that pretending church going b**** was married while she having an affair with me, she gave me Chlamydia, I knew she did because I wasn’t seeing anyone else, mercy fakoya believe in her own lies don’t trust her, she is a manipulative low self-esteem b****, she is liar and a betrayal

Sarah Storti, Canada

This s***-tacular dispatcher has a “line-haul” history that dates back many years. Her running order starts at Campbell River-Kitimat-Fort Mac-Sherwood Park and is currently in Fort Saskatchewan. On her numerous stops, she has cheated on every boyfriend she has ever had. Including her previous fiancĂ©. She is an opportunist, conniving, calculating c*** who will take what she thinks is hers. To her current victim, Martin…She will do the same to you. Be proud of yourself Sarah. You’ve been immortalized.

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