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Liar Cheater Woman

Liar Cheater Woman

Sierra Brown and Deputy Sheriff, Andrew Platt

Sierra Brown, Nurse at Stony Brook Hospital and a known psychotic individual who is HIV Positive, has an STD which was given to many others she had sex with. She enjoys Anal sex an her favorite is giving blowjobs and swallowing their c**. She cheated with a Married man named Andrew Platt who is a Deputy Sheriff. Andrew cheated on his wife of over 20 years with multiple woman. He’s an Abusive individual physically, mentally and verbally and is an Alcoholic.


Sierra Brown from Rocky Point and Nurse at Stony Brook Hospital cheated with a Married name Andrew Platt who is a Deputy Sheriff. Andrew was married to his wife for over 20 years with 3 kids when the affair happened. Sierra Brown is a known schizophrenic. Sierra contracted Vaginosis which is a Sexual Transmitted Disease from Andrew. Any woman looking to date Andrew Platt from Babylon beware. He sill lives with mommy now since he abandoned his wife and kids.

Elizabeth Parker, New York, is an STD infested W****

Elizabeth Parker runs an escort business out of her New Rochelle apartment turning cheap tricks into meth for her heroin addiction. She does not use condoms consistently and is HIV+. Liz Parker also steals her clients identities and uses them to pay for drugs. She has a serious std problem and was diagnosed with Syphilis at one point.

She runs her eacort business out of her apartment located at 17 Rosedale Avenue in New Rochelle NY.

Sara Elizabeth Shewaga, Canada

She destroyed people’s lives for her own selfish gain and continues to lie about what she does. Two marriages destroyed by her and now a third. Be wary of this coniving b**** people. She is a crazy manipulative b**** who is always after something.

Tameka Rush at the party, Atlanta, GA

I met this girl at her brah’s Atlanta falcons party. I wanted to talk to her so I got put on by someone she seemed friendly and would of been a good female friend. started talking to her and she exchanged numbers with me. Took me no time to meet back up with her and hangout. Yes I admit she f***** me with no hesitation when I asked because she seemed to be real simple and I wanted some easy booty meat!!! She would call me on hangouts and go in the bathroom and perform adult dancing trying to be a bootleg stripper(butt a** naked) I was enjoying it as a man to have a little excitement. And I told her exactly what she wanted to hear. Didn’t even know her more than two weeks and she was already talking about get married, moving in, and stuff that was way too early to even think about and plus I just wanted some p**** so I ran along with it because I figured she was slow but not all that bad looking just some f***** up teeth that were yellow and some stains in her panties she tried to hide when I took em off!(yuck) . P**** had a little order but hey when you my age p**** is p**** when you only think with your d***!! (My mistake). Regret taking pictures with the hoe and she end up putting them on Facebook. I would sometime come there in mornings and get a quick nut she did everything I asked like lick my a****** and swallow nut. I should of never took this poor excuse of a woman to Alabama with me most of the time I had to talk over her because she sounded stupid most of the time she spoke and that was embarrassing when my people asked me if she was slow and retarded. Anyways I made the mistake of adding her as a friend on facebook because she starting complaining I had too many naked women on my page dancing and It got so annoying and she was trying to pick arguments with me about it even so I couldn’t understand all her text because they were dislexied. So I end up blocking her completely after she started talking to alot of niggas on her phone on messaged. Especially after she started telling this guy he had pretty eyes and she could f*** with anyone she wants too because I don’t run her or tell her what to do, but you wanted to marry me chick get out of here lol. Now you know this girl ain’t s*** when she was talking to a n**** in jail trying to hook up with him when he get out prison and he sent pictures of himself x-rated and she did also so I knew from the get go this chick has no standards. And man that was more of a turn off then letting hit so easy!!! Also she was going on her page ranting and complaining about the a** shaking videos on my page but she had d*** all up in her phone , where they do that at? And then something personal happen id rather not talk about! And I cut her off completely. She could never get in my vehicle and visit my people in ATL or Alabama she is an embarrassment to alot of the real woman. I don’t know what to call it when you can’t find a word above thot! That’s terrible I pray for this one and whoever messed with her. Wish I would of never went to that party now and met this super duper duper sex addict special Ed thot w**** fellas

Lexi Nelson San Diego, CA

Guys if you see this girl, run! She isn’t credible at all. She plays guys for fools and doesn’t need Tinder because her cell is Tinder. Her friends have dropped her like a bad habit because she is only concerned with her own selfish desires. She put her ex bf on here last year and now, we’ll, it came back to her. She cannot control her sexual impulses and knows how to manipulate very well. She is a huge narcissist. She has crossed her friends and parents which means she will cross you! When I broke up with her for doing scandalous, untrustworthy actions in front of my face (which means she is doing worse behind my back) she admitted to me how she cheated on me. With many men. While she’s dating one guy she is actually texting/sexting other guys. I know this first hand and so does her best friend. If you see her, run!

Barbie JoAnn Cosby, W**** OF ANACOCO, Louisiana

This woman is the hugest liar, user and w**** that I and unfortunately many other men have ever known. She’s a red head who lives for now at 536 Holly Grove Rd, Anacoco, La. but will be soon moving. She also has a drug problem. She is also a child abuser and psycho. It’s all about the money, what she can get from you until it runs out. Oh and loves to f***. She loves long distance relationships or you having a job away from home. That way she can f*** other dudes on the week day’s. Also have nude pic of her b**** that she text to other men to prove it.

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