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Liar Cheater Man

Liar Cheater Man

Troy Anthony, Baltimore, Maryland

This is my husband, he’s in law enforcement in the Baltimore area. He abandoned our marriage months ago and keeps lying about filing for divorce. I deserve better, so I have filed.

I need help with obtaining proof of adultery to get my divorce ASAP. Whoever is with him, can keep him. I’m not here to fight for him or judge anyone. I want to be completely free from him.

Police Officer Troy Anthony

This is my husband. He abandoned our marriage 7 months ago. I am in need of any witnesses or women that have had a relationship with him for divorce court. I am not judging anyone, I just want to move on completely with my life.

Ladies beware of this woman beating scum bag Tracy Spicer, Ohio

Ladies everywhere watch out for this dude! His name is Tracy Spicer from Miamisburg and is an absolute scum bag….lower than snail balls. We dated for over a year and he cheated on me the whole time with strippers, girls at the swingers club, and chics in different states. I even found out recently that he has hooked up with men. He has beaten me to the point of breaking my collarbone. He is a thief and steals whatever he wants from whoever he wants. He stole my $1200 Apple computer that belonged to my deceased mom. He stole over $3600 from me and I sued him and won. But even though he was court ordered to pay me that money back, I haven’t seen a penny. He borrowed $1000 from me and told me that he wanted to give it to his mom so that she could bury his stepdad. He never gave her any money so she had to have him cremated. He took that money and bought a car with it. This past week he stole another $1000 from me. Money that I desperately needed. Who does that to a chic that has helped him over and over?! He refuses to work, doesn’t pay his child support, and lives with his mom. He followed her to Kentucky to mooch off of her and his grandpa. He doesn’t work but drives a $40,000 truck that he can’t pay for just so he can fool girls into thinking he has money. Then he abuses them, robs them, and uses them until they have nothing left. He moved to KY so that the finance company can’t find him to repo his truck. So ladies of Kentucky, also beware!!! He’s currently living in Nancy, KY. He is an alcoholic and a coke addict that also uses heroin and lies about it. He’s a drug dealer and sells weed and rips people off that way too. He has herpes and has spread multiple STD’s to girls and he doesn’t even care. If you see this dude, you better run far, far away. His favorite thing to do is ruin peoples lives and to rob them blind. Every chic out there needs to know that he’s a dirty, nasty douchebag that thinks he can do whatever he wants to people. Beware of his old fat a**!

Scott wantroba Tinley park

OK there seems to be a little mistake here let’s clear this up. on the games he plays on his phone, he texts women back-and-forth like, hey, what’s up. You see there’s no way to track that no way possible. Also if you had sex with him other people know that’s what he does he talks. As for Bev we don’t know if she knows but there seems to be a little bit of talk around town now. Also if you think you’re the only one, oh my God we have stories for you, but we cannot tell everything because he’ll be able to figure it out, I don’t think he’s figured this one out yet. Also during his bankruptcy he never changed, kept blowing money on gambling,unbelievable. Right now we think he’s looking for a sugar mama. Or at least someone to sponge off of her because that’s all he does. How’s that Scott, did we get everything right.

Jeremiah Dansker – Northridge California

This man is addicted to child pornography. He stalks children at the local park. He divorced his wife to persue his crazy dreams of moving to Japan and having sex with underage girls. This person is so sick, he walks around naked in his neighborhood. He is a sex offender in 14 states. Please stay away from him. He is a sick freak that likes innocent children.


Copy and paste strikes again as Aaron uses it to worm his way out of work. The lazy little skank decided work was too hard and decided to open up wikipedia and use his cheating skills. But was this enough for him!? NOO! He wanted more. After a few minutes, he converted a once honest and hardworking man to his cause! A once loyal, great man was destroyed by this evil monster! This is a massive issue that need to be addressed. In my opinion, i say we arrest this man and put him on trial. People like this are the scourge to our earth

Nicholas Jason Flores-Northridge California

Nick J. Flores has been having infedelities with other men. He solicits himself for cheesburgers, he left his wife for a teenvesti named “Alfredo”. He is a liar, a narcisitic a******, he verbally and physically abuses children. He is a bisexual polygamist, he is a mormon psychopath, his acts truly counters his religion. His small p**** of 3 inches is wimpy and sad. He is a pedophile and a necrophilliac. He is 28 years old and lives with his grandma, he has turnerd her house into a illegal brothel. He has multi personality disorder. He frequently thinks he is the drug lord “Pablo Escobar”. Ladys please stay away from this man. He will ruin your life.

Matthews Dimitri Da Silvva, California

This man is a brazilian liar and cheater. He has been cheating on me for the past 6 months. With this w**** named “Nick”. I found out he was gay last month. He brings nick over, makes him a cheeseburger, and proceeds to f*** him in the next room. Please watch out for him ladys. He lives in Northridge California.

Christopher Michael Brown, Texas

Check out this so called poet and man that preaches about peaceful and spiritual things but behind closed doors he’ll try to sleep with your wife, daughter or maybe even your man. FB Christopher Michael mrmichael310 / twitter MR. Michael mrmichael310 / Instagram Christopher Michael mrmichael310. He works on Fort Hood Texas and lives in Killeen.

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