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Liar Cheater Man

Liar Cheater Man

Michael Elaschuk Salesforce user

Michael Elaschuk is a the biggest liar and manipulator. He plays the nice, funny guy to work on good girls who are looking for genuine love and a life long relationship. He will text you every day. He promises the world, doesn’t deliver on anything he says, makes the girl feel like she is the most beautiful thing in the world and that he can’t believe they are with him and talks about them potentially getting a ring, how he’s not pushing sex and really likes you but after he gets it, you can forget about everything he said, he will create drama and then blame you and you will be left used and broken. He’s violent, has anger issues, is dellusional regarding his drinking and health habits and is not honorable. Never trust him. He plays games and has so many girls who harass him and ask him for money but he calls them all mentally ill. (He uses his porsche to get those kinds of girls too.) He is immature and doesn’t have time for any issue, even when they are caused by him, because he doesn’t care about you, he forgets what he says most of the time. Talks about you and shows you off but doesn’t want you to do the same or he gets mad. He is drama. All he is looking for is his next thrill. Lies through his teeth and likes to hide things. If he feels you have investigated him in any way, he will be really mad. He apparently backed down from his wedding last minute when a girl cheated on him. Even if your the type of girl who is looking for casual sex, he’s not worth it, the package just isn’t there, it may be cute the first time when a guy doesn’t know how to have sex properly but… or he pretends he can’t to make you feel like he is honored but you’ll just feel so low after. He’s lost. You can be the prettiest, nicest, sexiest, most loving girl and he will still use you and move on, its just the way he is. Just another poorly raised man who isn’t ready to commit and just looking for someone to release on. No girl will ever be able to commit to him either until he makes serious mental changes, its unbearable the pathological lying, childish personality, mixed with forgetfulness of what he said and just downright lack of respect for women. No idea what love is, just looking for his next hook up. He is on bumble and Tinder. 36 yrs old. Maybe just see what you can get out of him without giving anything, seems like that’s all he’s worth. Better than him using your body.

Tracy Spicer, Ohio

Ladies everywhere watch out for this dude! His name is Tracy Spicer from Miamisburg and is an absolute scum bag….lower than snail balls. We dated for over a year and he cheated on me the whole time with strippers, girls at the swingers club, and chics in different states. I even found out recently that he has hooked up with men. He has beaten me to the point of breaking my collarbone. He is a thief and steals whatever he wants from whoever he wants. He stole my $1200 Apple computer that belonged to my deceased mom. He stole over $3600 from me and I sued him and won. But even though he was court ordered to pay me that money back, I haven’t seen a penny. He borrowed $1000 from me and told me that he wanted to give it to his mom so that she could bury his stepdad. He never gave her any money so she had to have him cremated. He took that money and bought a car with it. This past week he stole another $1000 from me. Money that I desperately needed. Who does that to a chic that has helped him over and over?! He refuses to work, doesn’t pay his child support, and lives with his mom. He followed her to Kentucky to mooch off of her and his grandpa. He doesn’t work but drives a $40,000 truck that he can’t pay for just so he can fool girls into thinking he has money. Then he abuses them, robs them, and uses them until they have nothing left. He moved to KY so that the finance company can’t find him to repo his truck. So ladies of Kentucky, also beware!!! He’s currently living in Nancy, KY. He is an alcoholic and a coke addict that also uses heroin and lies about it. He’s a drug dealer and sells weed and rips people off that way too. He has herpes and has spread multiple STD’s to girls and he doesn’t even care. If you see this dude, you better run far, far away. His favorite thing to do is ruin peoples lives and to rob them blind. Every chic out there needs to know that he’s a dirty, nasty douchebag that thinks he can do whatever he wants to people. Beware of his old fat a**!

Eric Eddy of Parkersburg WV

Eric Eddy of Parkersburg WV slept with my wife and had a 7-8 month long affair. He is a supervisor at Safelite Autoglass she was also an employee. They worked 75 miles apart she worked in his area a couple times next thing I find thousands of texts between them on the phone bill. I don’t know if he used his position as a supervisor but she was in a manic state of depression at the time and refused my help, and this was his way of helping to take advantage of a mentally unstable married woman. Btw his brother is a district manager for the company so I’m sure he gets plenty of protection in house. This almost caused me to divorce and I’ve been stuck being the good guy by not exposing him as the AP.

Sierra Brown and Deputy Sheriff, Andrew Platt

Sierra Brown, Nurse at Stony Brook Hospital and a known psychotic individual who is HIV Positive, has an STD which was given to many others she had sex with. She enjoys Anal sex an her favorite is giving blowjobs and swallowing their c**. She cheated with a Married man named Andrew Platt who is a Deputy Sheriff. Andrew cheated on his wife of over 20 years with multiple woman. He’s an Abusive individual physically, mentally and verbally and is an Alcoholic.

Seth Wayne Hartman JR, California

This user will talk your face off , he is trained to talk anyone into or out of anything. He will want to live rent free, have you pay for everything then he will start arguments for a reason to move onto the next woman.
He has moved over 26 times in four years. He leeches off his daughter ( who enables him btw) finds a female then moves out into your home, being he has no home or car, use your car, use your home, and use you. Don’t believe the sweet talk , save yourself and walk away slowly- being he has a temper and stalks you if he doesn’t get his way- let him down slowly.
He is a former CHP officer but, he is an angry at life fake fraud sweet guy. He has a huge issue with woman, all women. He also has severe erecticle dysfunction. He can’t have sex, we all think ( all his exes) this is his main problem. He is unable to have a normal sex life and he will blame it all on you. It’s not you. It’s him. He wants you to be his who** all night and his slave all day.
He will text, call you non stop until he gets his way. Then abuse you like a slave . Expect you to wait on him while he watches t.v. Just sitting all freaking day. This guy is a huge loser fraud! I wish someone would have warned me ( us )
He will blame all his exes on everything when it was him who mistreated us all. He also can’t manage money at all. He is broke as a joke! No home/ car nothing, avoid he is a USER

Kiko Griffin of AWS Amazon Web Services prowls for single mothers and their young kids in Vallejo CA

Kiko Griffin aka. Ingram Griffin is a recruiter with AWS Amazon Web Services in Vallejo, California who is your textbook case of a creepy diddler. Kiko Griffin is an incurable pedophile who scouts out divorced women and mainly single mothers with children ages 10 and under. Kiko Griffin entices these emotionally fractured women with promises of committed relationships, a stable income, companionship, etc. but Kiko Griffin sole objective is only thing — their vulnerable kids!!! This sicko Kiko Griffin has been convicted of numerous sex related offenses against children (he is listed on the sex offender registry in several states) yet he moves from state to state under a new guise and false name just to fulfill his carnal desire for children. Thankfully, my smart kids and I didn’t fall victim to this predator once we found out about him. Women and children out there need to be caution of this serial predator Kiko Griffin!

Luke Whalen of Oregon

The following is my opinion based on my experience and also evidence that showed my suspicions were more than justified. I can’t believe I wasted any time on this one.
My own personal experience is that this one is an incurable compulsive liar cheater player gambler.

He claims he likes his privacy.
But like any good addict,
what its really is all about is secrecy.

He has multiple outlets locations and names for his habits.
He still has addictions he won’t let you close enough to know them all.

He is not what you think. There is no cure for what he has.

Cheating is all he can do.

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