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Seth Wayne Hartman JR, California

This user will talk your face off , he is trained to talk anyone into or out of anything. He will want to live rent free, have you pay for everything then he will start arguments for a reason to move onto the next woman.
He has moved over 26 times in four years. He leeches off his daughter ( who enables him btw) finds a female then moves out into your home, being he has no home or car, use your car, use your home, and use you. Don’t believe the sweet talk , save yourself and walk away slowly- being he has a temper and stalks you if he doesn’t get his way- let him down slowly.
He is a former CHP officer but, he is an angry at life fake fraud sweet guy. He has a huge issue with woman, all women. He also has severe erecticle dysfunction. He can’t have sex, we all think ( all his exes) this is his main problem. He is unable to have a normal sex life and he will blame it all on you. It’s not you. It’s him. He wants you to be his who** all night and his slave all day.
He will text, call you non stop until he gets his way. Then abuse you like a slave . Expect you to wait on him while he watches t.v. Just sitting all freaking day. This guy is a huge loser fraud! I wish someone would have warned me ( us )
He will blame all his exes on everything when it was him who mistreated us all. He also can’t manage money at all. He is broke as a joke! No home/ car nothing, avoid he is a USER

Kiko Griffin of AWS Amazon Web Services prowls for single mothers and their young kids in Vallejo CA

Kiko Griffin aka. Ingram Griffin is a recruiter with AWS Amazon Web Services in Vallejo, California who is your textbook case of a creepy diddler. Kiko Griffin is an incurable pedophile who scouts out divorced women and mainly single mothers with children ages 10 and under. Kiko Griffin entices these emotionally fractured women with promises of committed relationships, a stable income, companionship, etc. but Kiko Griffin sole objective is only thing — their vulnerable kids!!! This sicko Kiko Griffin has been convicted of numerous sex related offenses against children (he is listed on the sex offender registry in several states) yet he moves from state to state under a new guise and false name just to fulfill his carnal desire for children. Thankfully, my smart kids and I didn’t fall victim to this predator once we found out about him. Women and children out there need to be caution of this serial predator Kiko Griffin!

Lexi Nelson San Diego, CA

Guys if you see this girl, run! She isn’t credible at all. She plays guys for fools and doesn’t need Tinder because her cell is Tinder. Her friends have dropped her like a bad habit because she is only concerned with her own selfish desires. She put her ex bf on here last year and now, we’ll, it came back to her. She cannot control her sexual impulses and knows how to manipulate very well. She is a huge narcissist. She has crossed her friends and parents which means she will cross you! When I broke up with her for doing scandalous, untrustworthy actions in front of my face (which means she is doing worse behind my back) she admitted to me how she cheated on me. With many men. While she’s dating one guy she is actually texting/sexting other guys. I know this first hand and so does her best friend. If you see her, run!

Anthony Sarain, California, he’s famous

Most people have had an experience of cheating or being cheated on…..but this guy takes the cake.

A friend of mine dated him for a few years and thought she was the only one. Not because he told her he loved her. Not because he posted it on Facebook, but because he told her she was the only one. He point blank said “I am not dating anyone but you”. Turns out that was a lie, THE ENTIRE TIME.

He got caught again and again. Still denied. He had unprotected sex with everyone and put her at risk for health problems.

This is not a man but an angry, volatile, selfish manipulator.

He claims to be self aware. He claims to be rich. He wishes to be famous. He does make the woman pay 1/2 of everything.

He is a working musician in town. Ladies beware. He is also on dating websites.

Game player

Monted on Plenty of fish. Lies about age…profile states that he’s 56..he’s 62. The pictures are all well over 10 years old, and he has since gotten considerably heavier, older looking and grey. He somehow thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, and has admitted that he is only on there to get a good laugh at women who date online. Hr also states that he’s still single because no woman will ever meet his strict criteria. He lives in Redding, ca…steer clear of this loser.

Alexander Alex Swartz, California

Wife wanted space and time to see if we should get a Divorce?? LIES LIES LIES. Married for 8 years and for the most part happy. Yes ups and downs as any marriage. The wife decides she wants to move to California for a few weeks to see if time and space is what we needed or if we should get a divorce. Come to find out she’s having an affair with her old high school fling Alexander Alex Swartz. This is a kid who my wife talked so poorly and talked so bad about for years. Even so much as to say she didn’t want him at our wedding but felt like she had to invite him. Talked about his drug habit, his addiction, and his rehab. His pock marked face that is so incredible ugly you can hardly look at it. Guess my wife just couldn’t hold back from the high school whoring days the minute she went home for a few weeks. But in times of separation I guess you go for whats easy. Come to find out my wife is f****** this loser and this loser knows she’s a married woman and I guess they both seem this is ok. Chandra Hankison Sweeny had this loser fly into Denver because she’s so afraid of her decision of getting a divorce she needs to have a f*** buddy in town for the weekend even though a married woman. I guess committing Adultery is common for two spoiled shits from Pebble Beach that think they can do anything they want and get away with anything they want. If you come across Alex Alexander Swartz from Pebble Beach, or the Monterey CA, area he will be looking to destroy you marriage, f*** your wife while your still married and will think nothing of it. Guess My wife Chandra feels this is OK as this hasn’t been hidden and has been parading around Denver all weekend with this loser thinking its OK to be a cheating wife even though now we are DEF going through with a divorce.

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