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Mobile, Al- Kathryn C.

Kathryn is a liar.. After a year and half of doing and doing for this 46 year old drunken girl.. Vacations to Napa Valley and Tahoe San Francisco, Playing Mr Fixit, Maintenance man, for her at her house, Dog sitting for free while she went to Rehab.. she quite possibly has given me herpes and refuses to submit to an STD test..She has been caught in many lies repeatedly about being with other men rather than where she said was.. At home with her kid. and given many chances to redeem herself.. always to be caught in more lies and or bolting when needing to tell truths. When confronted in the end.. her response was ‘so.. I lie.. deal with it.’ of course this is after she has swindled me for months for dinners and drinks ( she is an alcoholic in denial through and through). Our last encounter which included sex and her picking up her things in my posession. She bragged of all the men she had in her stable as if they were live stock.. and stated I was her number one stallion, trying to keep me around to use me stating that she wasnt having sex with any of these other men how she would only have sex with and go to dinner with these other guys… This coming from someone who proclaimed herself as a food w****.. ‘All you have to do is buy me a nice dinner and I’ll sleep with you, I’m a food W****’.her words paraphrased only slightly. She even said this in front of her teenage kid.. weird..this woman has ripped my heart shreds.. She pretended to be a descent person in the beginning, but in the end her true colors shined with permanence. We shared many intimate conversations and moments and wonderful times.. Hours upon hours upon hours over a year and half. She told me I was only the 3rd man to ever give her an Orgasm. Which I’m pretty sure now was a lie too. Stay away from this woman.. she has 2 failed marriages and has destroyed me emotionally for some time to come. Showing not an ounce of remorse or care. All of those intimate moments were faked until something better or a new bottle came along. A gold digging C-Bomb if I ever did see one who judged me because I didnt grow up at the Country club like she did in her podunk hickville Alabama town. Big fish in a small pond. Her grandparents not her.. now shes in with some mardi gras bunch that has her head swollen and they are clueless to who she really is, because she is lying to all of them too.. Way to go Kit Kat.. now you’re a bigger loser. such a Foul.creature.. .

Anna Thompson Freeman, Mobile AL

This woman is a liar who will use your children against you. She will act like she is the only parent and that you don’t matter. You will see your child no more than 4 days a month if that. She works the system to pull in a high child support. She has a Bachelor’s Degree but works a minimum wage job to pull in the maximum child support. She leeches off her wealthy parents. She has said she is just waiting on them to die so she can get her inheritance and be ok. She is insanely jealous and controlling. She even tried to get her ex husband to abandon his son from a previous relationship because she was so jealous of his mother. She acts like she is a Christian but everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie or used to manipulate. She pretends she’s a nice person but behind closed doors she is wretched. She is verbally abusive and has been on medication for mental issues. She has a past if drug/alcohol abuse but will ignore it so she can shove your past in your face. Extremely judgemental. Thinks she is better than everyone. First class snob and spoiled brat. Entitled attitude.

James Presley of Mobile, Al.

Ladies of mobile,al. Please stay away grime this man…James Presley uses women for money, he have cheated with 10 to 15 women on the pod dating sites and tinder…he love performing oral sex on women as well as sexually pleasing him anally….he do not use protection. …he may have even had sex with a Hiv pos women….run if you come in contact with this guy….

Faith Dye in Chelsea Alabama

Faith Dye of Chelsea Alabama posted on her Facebook being proud of cheating twice on her boyfriend and baby daddy Cortlynn. Now she is keeping their child from him in revenge for breaking up with her. Since their son Landon has been born in August she has had at least 5 boyfriends/sexual partners and living on welfare. She failed the 9th grade 3 times, dropped out, and never had a job. She uses men to financially support her and her baby. Faith Dye exposes her son to her promiscuous behavior at all hours of the day and night at both their house and hers with her parents permission. While hooking up with other guys she still sends Cortlynn text messages begging him to make up with her even though she continuously post slanderous remarks about him on Facebook accusing him of abandoning her and their baby when its her keeping Landon from his father. While trying to make up with Cortlynn she lies to her current boyfriends about him, giving them his phone number, letting them send Cortlynn harassing threats.

Brandon Carter of Brilliant, Alabama

Brandon Carter of Brilliant, Alabama is such a piece of s***! He’s out with whores, doing drugs while his disabled wife, Ashley stays home, taking care of his son. She thinks he’s working while all this is going on. I feel horrible for her because she’s the nicest person ever, she certainly deserves someone better than him! But, maybe, after his arrest this weekend, she’ll open her eyes!

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